The Reflective Mindfulness Practitioner: From Action to Embodiment

Mindfulness starts with the body ……and  the embodiment of mindfulness is a critical teacher competency. How do you explore mindfulness of the body in your daily life and work? The seminal research of Catherine Kerr provides neurophysiological evidence to support ancient Buddhist knowledge. Mindfulness starts with the body.  Catherine Kerr’s work has shown that how […]

Challenging Perfectionism … Letting Go and “Good Enough”

Sewing and creativity can bring out the perfectionist monkey’s in full force. Any new mums struggling with this can join the FREE mini-retreat this Thursday (Sept 21st), in Highgate, London. Come and try out @sewmindful and say hi to your perfectionist mental monkey!  (We have a crèche from 10-3.30pm – booking is essential). Those perfectionist […]

Getting Gorgeous Fabrics Ready for the Creative Relaxation Mini – Retreat

  Getting ready for the mini-retreat and looking forward to sharing some of the @sewmindful methods. Preparing the creative materials is a key part of this work and @Lizfinegold has the knack of ensuring we have exactly what is needed. Ensuring everything can run as smoothly as possible is one thing. A further detail is […]

A day of creative relaxation for new mums experiencing post natal depression

            The Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, in conjunction with Cocoon Family Support and Wellcome Trust are planning a wonderful @sewmindful day on Thursday September 21st, 10-3.30 for new mum’s who are experiencing low mood and/or post natal depression.  Booking is essential as we have a crèche and need to know […]

#whatismindfulness with Psychologies and Now Live Events at Conway Hall

  #whatismindfulness? A very good question and a full audience at Conway Hall yesterday to discuss this very issue. Covering the definitions of mindfulness (there are many and everyone is arguing!), the benefits of mindfulness (clear thinking anyone?), what your brain needs to be doing to engage in any moment mindfully and some applied practices, […]

@sewmindful update

Background: Weaving a new Story is a project investigating how mindful textile work can support mothers with postnatal depression. A collaboration between Clinical Psychologist Dr Tamara Russell from King’s College London’s Department of Neuroimaging and textile artist and psychologist Liz Finegold, it is supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s, Cocoon Family Support and the […]

What is the sound of @sewmindful?

  Mindfulness of sounds is a great exercise.  Listening to sounds as they arise and fade away is a way to stay in the present moment. You can’t pay attention to a sound that your heard five minutes ago, or a sound that you will hear in ten minutes time. It’s just not possible! So, […]

Transitional Pause anyone?

  The Transitional Pause is my most used mindfulness tool. I am using it all day, every day for every type of transition. It helps me to gain knowledge about how the days activities have impacted on my body and mind. It helps me to ground and pause. It helps me to move forward with […]

Liz’s Gift – A celebration of courage and compassion. June 3rd, 10-12AM, King’s College London, Waterloo

It’s Time to Celebrate the Amazing Journey of the Weaving a New Story Project. Mixing and blending textiles, neuroscience, compassion, creativity. Giving 100% commitment to embody mindfulness and embrace mindlessness as best we can at all times. Full catastrophe living indeed! Join psychologist and textiles artist Liz Finegold and Dr Tamara Russell at a mini-workshop at King’s […]