What is the sound of @sewmindful?

  Mindfulness of sounds is a great exercise.  Listening to sounds as they arise and fade away is a way to stay in the present moment. You can’t pay attention to a sound that your heard five minutes ago, or a sound that you will hear in ten minutes time. It’s just not possible! So, […]

Transitional Pause anyone?

  The Transitional Pause is my most used mindfulness tool. I am using it all day, every day for every type of transition. It helps me to gain knowledge about how the days activities have impacted on my body and mind. It helps me to ground and pause. It helps me to move forward with […]

Liz’s Gift – A celebration of courage and compassion. June 3rd, 10-12AM, King’s College London, Waterloo

It’s Time to Celebrate the Amazing Journey of the Weaving a New Story Project. Mixing and blending textiles, neuroscience, compassion, creativity. Giving 100% commitment to embody mindfulness and embrace mindlessness as best we can at all times. Full catastrophe living indeed! Join psychologist and textiles artist Liz Finegold and Dr Tamara Russell at a mini-workshop at King’s […]

Good Tech? Bad Tech? Mindful Tech at Dragon Cafe Today

  STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF!  We can be quite overwhelmed by all the information that enters our brains at any one time.  Check out this video called Digital Junkie which gives some quite alarming stats. The funniest being that most people would rather clean their toilet than clear out their email […]

Mindfulness Take over at Dragon Cafe – Tai Chi Safari May 1st ….

  Join Dr Tamara Russell as she leads a tai chi safari from the Dragon Café (Borough) around the local area. Suitable for all levels, walking speed will be slow/moderate and there will be several stops. You can join in for as much as you can manage. Starting at the Dragon Café at 12.30 for a […]

Meet the Heartfulness Project May 1st at the Mindfulness take-over of Dragon Cafe

The Heartfulness Project will be at the Mindfulness take-over of the Dragon Café May 1st! Come down to the café in Borough to find out more about this amazing space and the work that is done here. All Welcome to Everything is the cry. You can get a delicious vegetarian lunch and snacks from the café and even […]

The Heartfulness Project Now Recruiting

  We are now recruiting for The Heartfulness Project.  Are you someone with experience of heart failure or a heart condition? Are you interested in helping us to understand how we can support people with heart conditions in the community to lead the best life possible?   This is a brilliant opportunity to input your […]

Weaving a New Story …..#sewmindful #sewamazing!

Session 8 of the Weaving a New Story project and the quilt is taking shape. No pictures yet as the group are still working hard on their creations (but it looks amazing). We are combining both the “snazzy” Japanese squares as well as the “process” squares. The latter being more interesting as they are a […]

@sewmindful at the Tate Exchange

Liz Finegold from the @sewmindful team will be at  the Tate Exchange next weekend. She will be displaying some of the preliminary work from the Weaving a New Story Project, and running two workshops that demonstrate the impact of this unique blend of sewing and mindfulness. When: Friday 31st  MARCH – Saturday 1st  APRIL 2017 12:00-17:00 Where: Tate […]

The Heartfulness Project

Happy to announce we are commencing The Heartfulness Project. This is a collaboration with Maya Campbell, who has contributed to an All Party Parliamentary Group report for Heart Failure and specifically commented on the psychological support necessary for those with heart failure. Read more about the Heartfulness Project Team here. More information about the study, supported by two MSc […]