Take a Mindful Breath ….

Mindfulness of the Breath …… Here you can try and exercise that will talk you through the four stage mindfulness model that was used to inform all the sewing practices in this project. Look at the diagram below and you can see how we used the sensory feedback from the sewing as the primary object […]

What does it mean to make mistakes?

Part of the Weaving a New Story method involved deliberately making mistakes. We are so afraid to make mistakes that this can paralyse us. Yet making mistakes (and being resilient enough to learn and grow from them) is the heart of real learning and true creativity. Even Doctor’s Make mistakes is a great TED talk […]

QR for the Program

  Weaving a New Story We hope you enjoy your experience with the Weaving a New Story Show at Guy’s Hospital, Atrium 1.   Click here to see the Full Show Program. Click here to read more about the SewMindful Methodology. Click here to watch some videos telling the SewMindful Story.

The Heartfulness Project is Launching it’s first course in March 2018 …..

  Mindful Movement and Self-Compassion Course to Support Heart Health     Following the success of The Heartfulness Project, conducted in 2017 in association with students from King’s College London, we are happy to announce this new 10-week training program, to be launched in London, UK in the Spring of 2018. The course is designed […]

Sharing Mindfulness at KPMG – #whatismindfulness @work?

  An early start at KPMG sharing information about mindfulness at work.  Key things to remember you are in charge of your attention! think about who really deserves your full attention (it’s a gift) higher level managers and senior leaders need to take heed of what is happening lower down in the organization – all […]

Counteracting the ill-effects of your commute to work

What is the impact of your commute on your body and mind? Those who live in the city know full well the horrendous nature of commuting to work. While our time on the underground, on buses, and in traffic jams can sometimes yield some surprising delights (!) it is more often a stressful experience that […]

Mapping the City’s Emotions – Thrive in the City Event November 27th 2017

Monday November 27th is a day to Thrive in the City.  There will be plenty of events all over the city to help city workers and residents to get more in touch with their emotions and explore ways to develop mental wealth.  Let’s explore creative ways to get in touch with our common humanity.  WHAT […]

The Reflective Mindfulness Practitioner: From Action to Embodiment

Mindfulness starts with the body ……and  the embodiment of mindfulness is a critical teacher competency. How do you explore mindfulness of the body in your daily life and work? The seminal research of Catherine Kerr provides neurophysiological evidence to support ancient Buddhist knowledge. Mindfulness starts with the body.  Catherine Kerr’s work has shown that how […]