The Joy and Pain of the Wandering Mind

Really looking forward to the collaboration with Mind Body Spirit for tonight’s webinar.  Inspired by the work of Smallwood and Hasenkamp the webinar will present a neurocognitive model of mindfulness. The intention in sharing this model is to talk you through what happens in your brain and mind in a mindful moment.  With this knowledge, […]

Mindfulness in Medical Education

Preparing for the next round of teaching of Mindfulness and Resilience at King’s College London Medical School. An interesting article looking at the personality characteristics of medical students (highly perfectionist, competitive and conscientious!) but perhaps lacking the skills that will help them to stay healthy as they study and work.  There is a particular need […]

Brazil Retreat 2016 – Serra da Cantareira

Early morning meditaiton on the jungle platform. This was before the kung fu and tai chi began ….and then into a day of meditation and talks.           The view from the rooms over the mountains. Just beautiful. Waking up in the morning to the sound of the howler monkies.  Not my […]

Mind, Body, Movement and Play …. For those interested in the links between movement, creativity, theatre, mindfulness and mental health – this is a great event happening in London on 16th June.  I will be demonstrating with a neurocognitive model (based on Hasenkamp’s work) how these practices have their therapeutic effects. One of the issues […]

East Meets West – Mindfulness and the Transpersonal Approach

Very happy to be teaching on the Mindfulness and Meditation course for  We start today! This is a great organization that wishes to blend the secular and spiritual aspects of mindfulness so that we can really understand what this training is about, its full potential, and provide a platform for those who do wish […]

  Ever wondered how we can really innovate and bring mindfulness into the corporate and organizational settings?  How can we get around the challenge of asking busy executives and leaders to take time out of their schedules in order to sit and practice mindfulness? Yes this would be great if they can do it, but […]

It’s out today!

High excitment today as the book is out!  A very long and strange journey I must say – much of it quite mindless but this is how we learn.  You can order it here and I will also be doing a book signing at the Battle of Ideas 2015.  Special thanks go to my lovely […]

How to change a mind? Dance workshop

Happy to be working with Clod Ensemble’s Reboot program to explore the different ways in which we can re-wire our brains by paying attention in a mindful fashion. Getting insipiration from this video and also from some nice neuroscience videos showing how the brain connects and disconnects.  This video has some beautiful images and is […]

earshellWhat can happen when we really listen to each other?  How do we need to manage our own internal dialogue, mind wanderings and emotional reactions so that we can really listen?  We explored this in some mindful listening exercises at the recent LMC GP Resiliance conference (info here).  A quick mindful exercise and just five mintues of listening but some real insights as to how this mode of intentional, present moment committed attention can help the speaker to come to their own answers and tap into their own innate creativity to know what is right for them.  Looking forward to working more in partnership with Londonwide LMC to develop materials to support GPs learn more about mindfulness and its applications and also practice for their own well-being.

Lots happening in South London in relation to mindfulness in Autumn 2014.  The Dragon Cafe will be hosting an 11 week Body in Mind Mindfulness Training program led by Tamara Russell, commencing September 29th.  These one hour sessions cover a short practice, a piece of theory about mindfulness training, some information about the underlying neuroscience and then an illustrative exercise to tie it all together.  This format has been tested last summer at Dragon Cafe with positive feedback from participants. Thanks to Sarah and the Dragon Crew for their courage and committment to mindfulness at the Dragon Cafe.  This BMT approach has been developed over the years by Tamara and a two published papers (Russell et al., 2011 and Russell and Tatton-Ramos, 2014) describe the theory that underpins this mindful movement approach.

Also, November 3rd in Stockwell, a World Mental Health event. A mindfulness taster session open to all. This work is supported by Peer led mindfulness training within South London and Maudsley Trust.  Information can be found here.