@sewmindful symposium March 24th 2017

@sewmindful symposium On March 24th 2017 we have arranged a great panel of speakers and some lovely @sewmindful activities as a way to explore how textiles and mindfulness intersect in a way that can be particularly helpful for those suffering from low mood and poor mental health. If you are interested in mindfulness, creativity, textiles and […]

New Technologies for mindful awareness FOVOLAB Project

A very stimulating day with FovoLab and the amazing Tony Langford (Kinetica). Really pushing boundaries and exploring the edges of tech and thinking about how these applications can be used for health and well-being (rather than just porn and military applications!). Especially great work coming out of Ravansbourne, and some up and coming digital pioneers. I especially […]

Exploring Sashiko Stitch for the “Weaving a new story” project

In the design stage of the “Weaving a new story” project with @LizFinegold.  Exploring the Sashiko stitch for the Intention session.  With this stitch you get a chance to be fully present with the sewing activity. At the same time, you can begin to notice the intentions and decision making behind each movement.   Taking […]

Practitioner Well-Being: Health Visitors

    To Telford for the Unite-CPHVA Annual Professional Conference 2016. Sharing applied mindfulness techniques for health visitors to use to stay balanced and calm as they cope with increasing workload and stress.         Top Tips for Health Visitors 1) The Transitional Pause. Take a small pause to acknowledge the impact of your […]

Weaving a new story – mindfulness, textiles and post natal depression

Weaving a new story: a project investigating how mindful textile work can support mothers with post-natal depression is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Department of Neuroimaging and Liz Finegold, supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s. We are working with Cocoon Family Support  (who are sponsoring rooms and the crèche) to offer a group […]

The Joy and Pain of the Wandering Mind

Really looking forward to the collaboration with Mind Body Spirit for tonight’s webinar.  Inspired by the work of Smallwood and Hasenkamp the webinar will present a neurocognitive model of mindfulness. The intention in sharing this model is to talk you through what happens in your brain and mind in a mindful moment.  With this knowledge, […]

Mindfulness in Medical Education

Preparing for the next round of teaching of Mindfulness and Resilience at King’s College London Medical School. An interesting article looking at the personality characteristics of medical students (highly perfectionist, competitive and conscientious!) but perhaps lacking the skills that will help them to stay healthy as they study and work.  There is a particular need […]

Brazil Retreat 2016 – Serra da Cantareira

Early morning meditaiton on the jungle platform. This was before the kung fu and tai chi began ….and then into a day of meditation and talks.           The view from the rooms over the mountains. Just beautiful. Waking up in the morning to the sound of the howler monkies.  Not my […]

Mind, Body, Movement and Play …. For those interested in the links between movement, creativity, theatre, mindfulness and mental health – this is a great event happening in London on 16th June.  I will be demonstrating with a neurocognitive model (based on Hasenkamp’s work) how these practices have their therapeutic effects. One of the issues […]