Teaching mindfulness

Teaching Mindfulness

If you want to begin teaching mindfulness to others this is a serious commitment, first of all to your own personal practice and secondly to ensuring that you are doing your very best to provide mindfulness training for others that is responsible and competent.

As mindfulness moves from the monastic to the secular setting we are discovering just how much thought needs to go into this process.  There are currently guidelines for the teaching of mindfulness provided by the Mindfulness Teacher Network (insert link) and Bangor, Exeter and Oxford Universities have been developing a competencies framework (link to this pdf file on MTNetwork site).  These guidelines refer to Mindfulness Based Interventions generally but may be particularly relevant for teaching MBSR and MBCT in the health setting.

For those who wish to teach outside the health setting there are currently no statutory regulations but the responsible practitioner does all they can to ensure their practice is up to scratch.  At MCoE we are developing guidelines and a service to help those who wish to teach check where they are at and do the best they can to ensure they are always learning and improving.  Here, we believe Excellence is not a place to be reached, but rather a commitment to an honest reflection about where you are, and a commitment to improve.


Mindfulness Teachers Network

The Mindfulness Teachers Network represents the leading teacher training organisations in the UK.that supports and develops good practice and integrity in the delivery of Mindfulness-based approaches. It has a range of useful resources and links teachers in the field.


Learning to teach

Follow this link to the list of training routes and providers.


Standards for Teachers

The Bangor, Exeter and Oxford Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Criteria.

Article: Competence in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses: Concepts, Development and Assessment.