The Heartfulness Project is Launching it’s first course in March 2018 …..


How to make your heart sing ……

Mindful Movement and Self-Compassion Course to Support Heart Health



Following the success of The Heartfulness Project, conducted in 2017 in association with students from King’s College London, we are happy to announce this new 10-week training program, to be launched in London, UK in the Spring of 2018.

The course is designed to help those who suffer from heart conditions or who are at risk of developing heart disease (e.g.: those with really stressful lives or a family history of heart disease).

The World Health Organization has predicted heart conditions as the world’s leading global killer. What drove the development of this program, is that much of this is preventable.


Developed by Dr Maya Campbell, research scientist and mindfulness teacher and clinical psychologist Dr Tamara Russell, the course draws on the lived experience of Maya Campbell who had a heart attack leading to heart failure. Subsequently she gave evidence at the All Party Parliamentary Select Committee on Heart Failure and argued for the need for greater psychological support for heart patients. Dr Tamara Russell, Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, brought her expertise in creative co-design of mindfulness programs to develop an innovative program which started from the experience of the participants.

This makes sure that what is offered is really relevant and appropriate for the specific needs of those with concerns about how to keep their heart healthy and thrive.

This new course has three innovative elements

  • mindful movement
  • self compassion
  • creativity

Combining these three means a powerful, integrative “mind-body” learning experience.

From our pilot study, we found that

  • 1 participant no longer required immediate heart surgery
  • 1 participant was discharged from her cardiologist
  • 2 participants went to New York to run the marathon
  • increased quality of life and better mental health


Watch this space for blogs and updates on this work and the project.


To sign up for Taster Sessions on-line in January 2018 or the course, click here.

There will be two “in person” Taster Sessions on Jan 24th and Jan 31st at 6pm – 7pm (venue tbc, City, contact Maya¬† at for an informal discussion to see if this course is right for you or book for the face to face taster session.

The location of the course will be City/Central London (tbc) over 10 consecutive Wednesday evenings (commencing March 7th 2018) from 6-8.30pm.






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