Let’s talk about paradigm shift in psychiatry…..

  Let’s talk about real courage to explore and evolve.  The modern psychiatric paradigm has struggled to work mindfully with psychosis and associated experiences.  Although new models are emerging (particularly the Open Dialogue model), there is still often very little choice other than medication for those experiencing psychosis. I am delighted to be chatting to […]

Release the Pressure – Heartfulness comes to the City of London

Heartfulness in the City: Four free events in collaboration with the City of London and Dragon Cafe in the City.   As part of the City of London’s Business Healthy initiative, Dragon Cafe in the City is offering a number of taster sessions to help City residents and workers learn skills to improve their well-being.  The […]

Opening minds with creativity, nature and mindfulness …….

Coming up February 3rd from 2-4pm at the National Gallery, London.  Be mesmerised by the haunting beauty of Gallen-Kallela’s paintings of Lake Keitele in this special mindfulness and slow-looking workshop (limited tickets remaining here).  This is a collaboration between the National Gallery’s Christina Bradstreet and Dr. Tamara Russell, Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence.   Image […]

Let’s talk about tech ……. VR and Mindfulness for Teens

Let’s Talk about Tech….. Really looking forward to the forthcoming Let’s talk about Tech …… webinar on January 25th 2018. This is the first in a series of free webinars that offered by the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence. The intention is to share innovation and talk to those who are pushing the boundaries of the […]

Let’s Smile: Tai-Chi on Loughborough Farm

Tai-chi on Loughborough Farm Guest blog by Carl Barber   It was my first day working alongside Dr Tamara Russell. I had learnt about her work in conversation with my personal tutor, about options I might explore for an elective placement. This was part of my Mental Health Nursing degree at King’s College London, during […]

Take a Mindful Breath ….

Mindfulness of the Breath …… Here you can try an exercise that will walk you through the four stage mindfulness model that was used to inform the sewing practices in the Weaving a New Story project. If you are not standing in front of the amazing Exhibition at Guy’s Hospital Atrium 1 right now, please […]

What does it mean to make mistakes?

Part of the Weaving a New Story method involved deliberately making mistakes. We are so afraid to make mistakes that this can paralyse us. Yet making mistakes (and being resilient enough to learn and grow from them) is the heart of real learning and true creativity. Even Doctor’s Make mistakes is a great TED talk […]

Try a Transitional Pause

Try the Transitional Pause This is one of the key applied mindfulness exercises. It’s a profound exercise that gets deeper and richer the more you practice it. When you start off, be patient with yourself and keep trying.  Stay curious, proceed with courage, and be clear why you are engaging in this activity. You can […]

Weaving a New Story Exhibition, Guy’s Hospital – Feb 2018

  Weaving a New Story….Sharing Stories…Being Inspired   We hope you enjoy your experience with the Weaving a New Story Exhibition at Guy’s Hospital, Atrium 1. We are here until the end of June 2018 and this public space means you can access the Exhibition at any time. Click here to see the Show programme […]

The Heartfulness Project Course Commencing (London Bridge) May 2018 …..

  Mindful Movement and Self-Compassion Course to Support Heart Health   Following the success of The Heartfulness Project, conducted in 2017 in association with MSc students from King’s College London, we are happy to announce this new 10-week training program, commending May 2nd 2018 (London Bridge). You can find out more about the Heartfulness team […]