Brazil Retreat 2016 – Serra da Cantareira


Early morning meditaiton on the jungle platform. This was before the kung fu and tai chi began ….and then into a day of meditation and talks.







The view from the rooms over the mountains. Just beautiful. Waking up in the morning to the sound of the howler monkies.  Not my video but you can hear some here. The sound is incredible!





An amazing three-day retreat in the beautiful mountains outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. We were in the Serra Da Cantareira for three wonderful days of lovely views, amazing forest and of course mindfulness practice galore.  Thanks to our host, Ashram Cantareira.

Working with partners Casa do Horto we completed three days of tai chi, kung fu, meditation, nature activities and the amazing cultural night program.  What’s the best way to learn?  Through play of course. What’s the best way to play and learn? Through embodied learning and creative practices. We did some enacted learning of the main principles of the neurocognitive model of mindfulness. Great fun and some deep learning and insights.

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An amazing time and experience and a big thank you to the team there for the gorgeous food that kept us all going.


On the left, the organic garden. On the right, just chilling after and enjoying the silent meditaiton.