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It’s out today!

High excitment today as the book is out!  A very long and strange journey I must say – much of it quite mindless but this is how we learn.  You can order it here and I will also be doing a book signing at the Battle of Ideas 2015.  Special thanks go to my lovely […]

earshellWhat can happen when we really listen to each other?  How do we need to manage our own internal dialogue, mind wanderings and emotional reactions so that we can really listen?  We explored this in some mindful listening exercises at the recent LMC GP Resiliance conference (info here).  A quick mindful exercise and just five mintues of listening but some real insights as to how this mode of intentional, present moment committed attention can help the speaker to come to their own answers and tap into their own innate creativity to know what is right for them.  Looking forward to working more in partnership with Londonwide LMC to develop materials to support GPs learn more about mindfulness and its applications and also practice for their own well-being.

nervoussystemA great meeting last night with Lali Jurowsky, Luciana Gandolfo and Silvia Arcuri to discuss our forthcoming Body, Bones and Brains workshop (August 19th, Sao Paulo).

Lali and Lu are two extremely experienced body workers who are trained in Continuum Movement and Eutonia methods respectively. Silvia is a neuroscientist and psychiatrist with an interest in mind-body approaches and consciousness.  We are running an interdisciplinary workshop to explore body consciousness and the different methods that are used by these trainings to help support awareness of the body at levels that usually lie below consciousness.  We discussed the layers of bodily representation from the concrete primary raw sensations of the body, how these sensations change with movement and all the way up to the much more abstract concept of “felt sense”, body ownership and full embodiment.   Can’t wait for the workshop!

Check this paper by Longo & Haggard (2012) What is it like to have a body?