Talks, Workshops, Short Courses and Training

In her own unique and practical style, Dr. Russell offers talks, workshops, short courses (1-3 days) and longer training in mindfulness in the workplace. Those who have attended her workshops comment on her engaging style, knowledge of neuroscience and the pragmatic way she approaches mindfulness. Why add something to your day when you can make what you are already doing your mindfulness practice?

This approach (outlined in her forthcoming book #whatismindfulness – Watkins, May 2017) proposes that any activity can be done with more awareness and thus mindfully. Paying care and attention in an on-going manner to what you are doing and being really clear as to why you are doing it are the central features that can transform meetings, reviews, pitches, the organizational change processes and all the activities of business.

wimFor example, try the Transitional Pause – a key microskill trained to ensure mindful presence each and every time you transition from one activity to another.


Tamara has previously spoken at the Mind and Matter Conference, a gathering of business leaders who wish to embed mindfulness in their organizations. According to the Harvard Business Review, mindfulness is seen as a must rather than a “nice to have” in the business community, and especially for senior leaders. At this conference, Tamara presented the neurocognitive model that underpins all her work whether with individuals, teams, or whole organizations. She regularly speaks at international conference on the topic of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and innovation in mental health.

Tamara has shared the stage with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, in Sao Paulo Brazil. In this dialogue she discussed with him the importance of how those who care for others will benefit themselves AND those they are responsible for, when they prioritize their own self-care. It turns out that taking care of ourselves, helps us to take care of others. Emotionally intelligent leaders know that it is only by getting in touch with their own emotions and reactive habits that they can really understand and connect with those they lead.

Meeting the Dali LamaOn stage with the Dali Lama

Tamara is trained in the Workplace MT program, an evidence based adaptation of the clinical programs which has be designed with the challenges of corporate work in mind. She has also designed her own movement inspired practice Body in Mind Training which is outlined in the book Mindfulness in Motion (Watkins, 2015).

Mindfulness in motion cover

Working with organizations such as Pearson, Lloyds Bank, Clyde & Co, Wunderman, Sedexo, and NHS Trusts around the country, Tamara delivers applied mindfulness training to give people the tools they need to be:

  • more productive
  • more creative
  • more collaborative

Tamara also offers services to the financial, advertising and health sectors in Brazil and Barbados.


Audit services in collaboration with Health Academix Ltd

As part of MCoE’s commitment to helping mindfulness practitioners from all backgrounds to deliver training that is to the best of their current ability, MCoE in association with Health Academix Ltd offers an audit service for practitioners and recommendations for developing your practice. We are currently in the process of developing a model of audit that will ensure that your practice is safe, professional, competent and continually improving.

While we recognize that there are suggested training pathways for MBSR and MBCT, we also know from talking to many mindfulness teachers and aspiring teachers that there are many practitioners out there who fall outside of this model but who are still keen to ensure best practice and continual professional development.  Read a recent article published by Tamara and her Brazilian colleague Gerson Siegmund on this topic in the British Journal of Psychiatry Bulletin.


Dr Tamara Russell

Tamara Russell provides one-to-one mindfulness therapy and training in London via Clinical Partners and Health Hub.  Here’s a short video where Tamara talks about her work as a clinical psychologist and her specialist expertise working wiith those with bipolar illness.

Mindfulness training in the form of lectures, workshops and short courses are also available for a range of audiences; corporate, education, health and other sectors and can be tailored to your needs.Please contact us for details of these services.

A limited number of academic and practitioner supervision slots are available with Tamara.  Please contact us for any inquiries.