Core Values

Our values embody the spirit of the Centre – Transformative Excellence through innovation and creativity.

They are at the heart of who we are and how we work. They represent everything we believe in, and underpin everything we do.

For us, excellence is not a goal to be attained in the future, but rather a continuous way of being innovative and creative.

Curiosity – to examine what is really there.

Courage  – to do something radically different, to inspire and lead brave debate.

Honesty – honest with ourselves and honest with others, brave enough to admit when we are wrong or don’t know all the answers.

Compassion – bringing kindness and understanding towards whatever we find in ourselves and others.

Quality  – we have a commitment to care, to live mindfully, practicing daily and delivering.quality mindfulness training to the public.

Safety  – we encourage safeguarding of participants.

Equality – practitioner and student are equals, walking side by side, learning from each other.

Trust – we trust each other and our teachings are backed up with evidence-based science.