“Tread Lightly” a Brasil/UK creative mindfulness collaboration with Fernanda Terra and Tamara Russell

Tread Lightly ……

Join us Sunday morning (October 6th, 2019) from 10-1pm in the incredible city of Rio de Janeiro for a Brazil/UK embodied and expanded creative mindful experience. The event will be facilitated by Fernanda Terra from Mindful Museum and Mindfulness Centre Founder and co-director Dr. Tamara Russell.

Fernanda Terra (2013) “Labirinto Inconformado”  Contemporary Art Museum of Niteroi


Details (click here for Portuguese)

Date: Sunday October 6th 2019

Time: 10 AM to 1pm

Meeting Place: Praça Mauá, outside the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR)

Suitable for: all ages, open minds, curious practitioners.

Contact: Fernanda Terra +55 21 99193-6703

Free event.


If we engage with the universe of art in a mindful way, this expands our field of perception and creates space for new opportunities for growth

Artist & Curator Fernanda Terrra

“Tread Lightly” is a 3 hour multisensory and embodied mindful experience which helps us to connect to the footprint we leave on this earth as we move, breathe, live and love. The experience consists of three parts (mindful movement, mindful viewing and embodied exploration) and includes entry to the Rio Art Museum.

“Tread Lightly” was inspired by Anna Maria Maiolino’s  photographic documentation of the work Entrevidas and Fernanda’s installation/performance Labirinto Inconformado. This catalysed Fernanda and Tamara to create an experience for others integrating art and mindfulness and the core mindfulness practice, mindfulness of the soles of the feet.

Witnessed in community we explore vulnerability, care, and the “footprints” that life, relationships and love leave on our bodies and hearts. How, we wondered, do these psychological footprints inform our actual footsteps and the movements made in the world as we engage with each other and planet earth?

Join us for this expanded field experience. Diving deep for the morning in the heart of Rio – mindfulness in action (#nocushion; #mindfulnessinmotion).

Entrevidas, da série Fotopoemação da artista Anna Maria Maiolino, 1981.

Fernanda Terra (2013) “Labirinto Inconformado”

Contemporary Art Museum of Niteroi


If you can’t make it but want to try a short audio click here (8 mins, English).

If you are in London – you can still be inspired by Anna’s work if you visit her exhibition Making Love Revolutionary Exhibition currently at the Whitechapel Gallery (London).


Mindfulness of the soles of the feet is not just a great practice for regulating your emotions and managing challenges. It is also a practice that invites us to think more deeply about how we leave our mark on this earth. What is our “footprint” as we move around and act in the world? How aware are we of the impact we make with each step, choice, action?

Try this Tread Lightly audio (8 mins).

We will take the artwork off the wall and into our bodies as we practice…..

  • Mindful movement in different environments (comfortable clothing and flat shoes recommended)
  • Mindful viewing of Anna’s work in the Museum (free entry to the Rio Museum of Art)
  • Embodied mindful explorations as we take the artwork “off the wall” and out into the plaza
  • Sharing, chatting, lunching…..


The Facilitators

Fernanda Terra is a curator and master in Museology and Heritage and an  artist, and author of several books. She is a graduate in archaeology with an emphasis on anthropogenesis and evolutionary adaptation in the aspects of language, cognition and creativity (technological and artistic production).

Her installations and performances explore the female experience and the integration of the body with space, time and environment.

She is a Mindfulness Instructor and a qualified Teacher of MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction by UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness, California and a MBHP (Mindfulness Based Health Promotion) Instructor, certified by the Open Mind Center / UNIFESP and Mindfulness Trainings International (MTI).

She is one of the curators of the Rio dos Navigantes annual exhibition that is currently at MAR – Rio Art Museum together with the director Evandro Salles, Marcio Campos and Pollyana Quintela.


Fernanda and Kika Bastos are the Founders of Mindful Museum, bringing creative curated experiences to the general public. Contact Fernanda for more info.



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About Tamara Russell and the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence

Dr. Tamara Russell is the Founder and Co-Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence. This organization works with creativity and technology to advance the understanding of mindfulness via creative activities and teaching. Her work crosses all sectors including education, health and business and she also works with the creative industries and the general public (young and old).  Dr. Russell has worked with The National Gallery (London), appeared on stage at the Barbican with comedian Ruby Wax and in Brazil with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She offers mindfulness based activities and creative embodied explorations at The Guildhall School of Music, London’s Southbank and The National Theatre and British Association of Performance Medicine.

Tamara is the author of “#whatismindfulness” and “Mindfulness in Motion” and c-author with Raquel Lhullier of “What colour is your Dragon?”.

Dr. Russell works at the intersect between creativity and health using the creative arts and mindful movement.

General Info on Mindfulness and Creativity Activity: https://www.mindfulnesscentreofexcellence.com/creative-mindfulness/

Sew Mindful: https://www.mindfulnesscentreofexcellence.com/qr-for-the-program/

National Gallery Event: https://www.mindfulnesscentreofexcellence.com/opening-minds-with-creativity-nature-and-mindfulness/

Southbank Changing Minds Festival: https://www.run-riot.com/articles/blogs/changing-minds-arts-and-mindfulness-interview-dr-tamara-russell



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