Creativity and Mindfulness at The Actor’s Centre – working safely in the “as if” space of the default mode network

Working efficiently and creatively in the “as if” space of the mind.  A great workshop with The Actor’s Centre, London on January 18th 2017.

Actors Centre Jan 2017









A very interested and engaged audience at the Tristan Bates Theatre listened to Dr. Tamara Russell covering the basics of the neurocognitive model of mindfulness and it’s application in the acting context.

Participants were taught the Transitional Pause as a key exercise to help them transition between activities in a mindful way.

Mindfulness can help actors develop the qualities needed to do their craft well and with psychological safety.

– Physical and Mental self-knowledge and flexibility

– Self-care

– Resilience

– Presence

– Insight into the human condition

There is increasing interest in the acting community in how to help sensitive, creative and empathic souls in their work. The very mind that enables a great actor to communicate emotion, intention and motivation in their craft, may also make them vulnerable to anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. The psychological cost of the art has been reported on by The Guardian and The Stagethree emotions

A recent initiative, the website ArtsMinds is a joint initiative between Equity, The Stage, the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine and Spotlight. The website provides users with advice on areas such as relationships, careers, health and finances.

A copy of Dr. Russell’s talk at the actors centre jan 18th 2017 .