Working with New London Architecture ….can we create Green Dragon cities?

Centre Co-Directors Tony Langford and Tamara Russell took the Dragons to the New London Architecture building in WC1.

It’s a great place to visit, with informative displays, events and a great cafe. See the dragons below on the amazing city of London model.

One display shares insights from their latest piece of research on Future Streets and they also have tons of great resources on their website.

Note their Inspiring Women initiative (they are looking for speakers so share with any women in planning, architecture, engineering etc).

NLA’s Emma Jefferson met the Dragons at The Future of Work 2020 breakfast briefing. She was keen to explore how the Dragon language and framework might support the thinking that underpins large-scale development in the city. Wow …what a great conversation!

We touched on the work of Clod Ensemble in association with RIBA Embodying Space: Can architecture create a placebo effect? and started to mindjam enacted, embodied and creative ways to explore dragon energies and how they play out in city design. Safety, functionality, care …where do we place the priorities?

We asked “Do stressed minds design stressed cities?” and “How does the architecture of the mind impact on the architecture of the cities and spaces being designed?”

How does this community feed their Green Dragons, manage the high stakes red pressures, and ensure they are feeling deeply and thinking clearly in the design of our future environments? We hope to discover and see if the Dragons can support this work.

The M360 process takes account of the physical, psychological and ecological costs of a product or service, by widening the lens of attention to the longer term vision and perhaps different priorities, including future generations and the health of the planet. We don’t always have all the answers but we have some great curated creative ways to churn important and challenging questions. M360 helps us to “show our workings” which means we have done our best to take care and attention and minimize future harm.

Contact if you want more information about our M360 Process.

Dragons cheekily taking a seat in one of the displays you can see for free in the NLA Building.
Co Director Tony Langford at the New London Architecture Building.
Exploring light and textures to support well-being in the built environment.