Dragons take flight from Pelotas Brasil……What colour is your dragon?

Centre Co-Director Tamara Russell joined the awesome individual Raquel Lhullier (MCoE Lead for Child and Family Systems Mindfulness) in her home-town of Pelotas Brasil. We were there to release the Dragons! Scroll down to find out about activities on-line and in the UK. Or read on to find out more about our adventures in Brazil.

A Portuguese version of this blog is here. Os Dragões voaram até Pelotas. Clique aqui para a versão em Português.

A launch of the Portuguese version of the book, workshops with young people and educators at Santa Monica School, a visit to the Busy Bees English for Children school, and an interview with the local newspaper. And pause ….. get green.

Tamara and Raquel have been on an incredible journey together, combining Raquel’s clinical experience with young people and families, with Tamara’s Body in Mind Training and the Neurocognitive model. Mixing cultures, generations, models and methods. And What Colour is your Dragon was born.

The intention was to create an accessible, science-based and practical guide to help adults and young people communicate more effectively about their emotions.

We wish to increase connection, compassion and kind communication across generations. We do this through the body, movement, the heart, creativity and a strong commitment to high quality care and attention. Starting with ourselves (as best we can) as parents, therapists, educators and human beings!

It’s more than a book…it’s a way to reclaim your brain and choose kindness…

The work has several science-based (“brainwise” pillars):

1. Tamara Russell’s BMT – Mindfulness in Motion Methodology.

2. Professor Paul Gilbert’s – Three Modes Model from Compassion Focused Therapy

3. Wendy Hasenkamp’s neurocognitive model (expanded into mindfulness teaching and applications in the Neurocognitive Foundations for Mindfulness Teacher Training).

Jonathon Hill’s Family Domains Model.

It’s more than a book…it’s neuroscience and psychotherapy out of the lab and into real life.

Let’s make everyday a green dragon day.

Families, supporters, all those who helped with the book came to the launch. We reflected on how the Red Dragon sometimes emerges when we are in a new place, can’t understand the language and are feeling tired (well, for Tamara at least). Yet also how the Green Dragon (the care, hospitality, openness of Raquel, her family and friends, colleagues in Pelotas) can help to soothe some of this.

The was a need for Blue Dragon energy – many tasks to be done, preparations and delivery. Yet this can all be done in a Green way. Frequent stops, time for meals, movement, stretching and micro moments of mindfulness all through the work and play day. THIS is the dragon way. Little and often, with clear intentions and always asking “Is this kind?” or “What do I really need now?”

We believe sharing this knowledge will help to create psychologically safe spaces in which diversity can thrive.

The Dragons went on to have many adventures in Brazil before they came back to London. Browse our Blogs to see what they have been getting up to.

Contact Raquel for details about events in Brazil and buy the Portuguese book here.

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