Getting Gorgeous Fabrics Ready for the Creative Relaxation Mini – Retreat


Getting ready for the mini-retreat and looking forward to sharing some of the @sewmindful methods. Preparing the creative materials is a key part of this work and @Lizfinegold has the knack of ensuring we have exactly what is needed. Ensuring everything can run as smoothly as possible is one thing. A further detail is selecting and curating the best fabrics, techniques and exercises that make this way of working “sewmindful”.

See Liz’s video – the mind in the quilt.

Creative Mindfulness blends disciplines and breaks down “silos” of thinking. It takes time to ensure a shared understanding of the art of all the disciplines involved. Maintaining a creative intent is vital and provides a valuable container to hold “mistakes” “getting it wrong” “judging” and “comparing”. It helps to select fabrics that can lift and brighten the mood, prompt a memory or create an emotional or mental “movement”.  Dressing the set creates an environment that encourages people to be more open, exploratory, and take risks.  In these more playful and relaxed moments, sewing and sharing, we can observe our mental habits. We can also deliberately choose to relate to them in a learning mode – with curiosity, patience and kindness.

Watch a video on the creative, co-design neuroscience-informed mindfulness methods used in this project.


And still, as is always the case with mindfulness. It is both highly complex, nuanced and subtle but at the same time, incredibly simple. Getting together, having a go, trying your best and growing through learning and sharing. Simple stitches, deep threads.









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