About Us

Mindfulness Centre of Excellence (MCoE)

The home of innovation and quality in Secular Mindfulness, supported by Science

The Mindfulness Centre of Excellence is a virtual organization dedicated to enabling and nurturing the next wave of mindfulness. MCoE is a secular hub for training, research and exploring new ways of disseminating mindfulness understanding and awareness.

We are a growing community of secular teachers and practitioners – united by a passion and commitment to mindful living, innovation, creativity, quality and thought leadership. We are here to push the boundaries!


Innovation in mind

“Innovation will be at the heart of the next wave of applied mindfulness.”

We aim to ensure that innovation sits at the heart of the next generation of mindfulness applications, across a range of disciplines, settings and purposes (e.g. mental and physical health, education, the arts, business, the armed forces)

  • Engaging people where they are at – this requires creative, thoughtful, authentic and creative solutions
  • Designing and evaluating new applications of mindfulness
  • Working collaboratively with students and thought leaders from around the world
  • Undertaking R&D activities
  • Encouraging blue skies thinking
  • Keeping up to date with new developments in the area


Quality in mind

MCoE draws on best practice from around the world and across disciplines in.

  • Highlighting finger on the pulse, new developments in secular mindfulness
  • Drawing on worldwide expertise
  • Keeping up to date with new developments in the area
  • Encouraging discernment through discussion and dialogue
  • Developing and delivering the highest quality evidenced-based training and supervision for mindfulness practitioners
  • Generating a line of peer led accountability
  • On-going development/discussion and dialogue as mindfulness moves into the mainstream