How to change a mind? Dance workshop

Happy to be working with Clod Ensemble’s Reboot program to explore the different ways in which we can re-wire our brains by paying attention in a mindful fashion.

Getting insipiration from this video and also from some nice neuroscience videos showing how the brain connects and disconnects.  This video has some beautiful images and is really inspiring – “the neurons are just expressing themselves saying i want this shape, this si my shape and I’m going to grow like this …  they just take what they get when they bump into each other its just going to grow and rely on accidental collisions to decide where it’s going to form synapses”  (from Blue Brain Project).Highway_Speed_Wallpaper_t56qk  Henry Markram’s TED talk is here.  He says its essential to understand the human brain if we do want to get along in society.  Let’s dance our way to a  deeper and different understanding!




How can we change these super-highways in the brain and make new and healthier habits for ourselves?