I’m here …Let’s Dance: Osmosis with Delphine Perrot

Mindful Movement and Dance at the Clock Tower Brockwell Park with Delphine Perrot – Sunday April 6th 11 to 1pm

What happens when you blend together Tango, Creativity and Mindful Movement? Osmosis of course. Join the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence for a Creative Public Understanding of Mindfulness activity with MCoE collaborator Delphine Perrot.  

She’s here…let’s dance.  We will be playing in Brockwell Park by the Clock Tower on Sunday April 7th from 11AM-1PM exploring in a mindful and embodied way (of course) Delphine’s new project – Osmosis.

Delphine and Tamara offering music and mindful movement to explore emotions with young people at the Why? Festival, Southbank, London

What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is a term that describes the moment when molecules move from an area of high concentration to where they are needed in order to attain balance. This is at the heart of Delphine’s danced based creative process and work – helping people to find balance, through movement and creative play.

Come and move your molecules – alone or in partnership and explore what happens when you move your body and make your mark on the world.

Drawing together a variety of skills including a social dance (Tango, Salsa, Forró), art practice and creative coaching, this blend of dance, art and mindfulness is a synergy that represents Delphine herself.

Delphine travels the world, drawing inspiration from artistic and dance traditions in France, Brazil, Argentina, the United Kingdom. She offers creative coaching (including to Tamara and the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence) in an embodied way that helps ideas move freely through the mind-body system and out into the world.  Have you got something that needs shifting? In Body? In Mind? Come and explore with us on Sunday and see what emerges.

Delphine’s work with social dance means she knows how to support the process of learning to dance together. Whether you come with a friend or meet someone at the event, we know that the brain loves touch and that when we connect physically with each other the oxytocin flows.

It seems now more than ever we need guidance in how to really connect and come together and how to do this in ways that are healthy and nurturing.

In these partnerships we have the opportunity to be intimate and move together in and out of our natural rhythms.  Yet this is not easy for many people and care and attention is required to make this process feel safe for everyone involved. In this collaboration, a Mindful 360 design process has been applied to this creative movement activity to ensure we can connect in these deep embodied explorations in psychologically safe and impactful ways. This creates the experience of trust which in turn provides the foundation for people to express and experience themselves in new ways.

The intention of this exploration is

  1. To feel free to move in the beautiful natural space of Brockwell park.
  2. To get over the worries of “what will other people think” as you move your body either alone or in partnership
  3. To experience a movement and danced based creative process as a way to understand more of your inner world and what you show to the outer world
  4. To play, move and create art!

For further details please contact designbydelphine@gmail.com

Or just come along to the Clock Tower in Brockwell Park at 11AM on Sunday.

Check the weather for Sunday here.

I’m here…Let’s Dance.

A Public Understanding of Mindfulness Activity sponsored by the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence.