International Partners

Our work with International partners

Over the past few years MCoE has been working in close partnership with a number of Brazilan-based colleagues in researching and developing new programmes of work.  The Brazilian people and their spirit provide a consistent source of inspiration and creativity that will help MCoE meets its aim of wider dissemination of mindfulness teachings.

Katya Stubing

International Partners Tamara and Katya Stubing

Katya’s academic work at the Institute of Psychiatry, Hospital Das Clinicas, University of Sao Paulo has been developing and evaluating a novel mindfulness intervention for severe Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa.  This is ground-breaking work in an area fraught with difficulty for both clients and staff.  Katya’s work was presented at the 2013 Mindfulness in Society conference in Chester, UK where she discussed her approach with Professor Mark Williams.

has developed her own 8-week mindfulness training protocol T8SM which draws on the attention training methods of Shamatha blended with her own unique insights and teaching approach.

Katya is a certified Doctor of Acupuncture (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, WFCMS).

Katya was a group Affiliate Member of the Programa de Saúde, Espiritualidade e Religiosidade (ProSER) at the Institute of Psychiatry (IPQ), University of São Paulo. This project has been developing a semi-structured questionnaire to explore spirituality in mental health, working with in-patients and staff at the IpQ.  Asking questions where other clinicians sometimes fear to tread with some amazing results.


Raquel Franck Barboza Lhullier 

Raquel is a cognitive Behavioral Psychologist for children and families. She is the Mindfulness Centre Lead on Child and Family Systems Mindfulness. Together with Centre Co-Director Tony Langford she co-ordinates the What Colour is your Dragon? initiative to improve emotionally intelligent communication in families.

Raquel is a graduate of the Catholic University of Pelotas (UCPel) in the South of Brazil. In Brazil she runs a private clinical practice and also supports a multidisciplinary clinic consulting with physicians, educators, paediatricians to promote psychological wellness within the whole system. She regularly teaches other professionals and shares her work internationally at conferences and workshops.

Raquel is a Member of Iniciativa Mindfulness.  She is certified by Mindful Schools and trained in the Neurocognitive Foundations of Mindfulness (International Teacher Training) offered by the Mindfulness Center of Excellence and Iniciativa Mindfulness. She is the author and co-author of several books for children, families and educators. Look out for the forthcoming “What Colour is your Dragon?” book – in Portuguese and English.  Keeping it global!


Dr. Vitor Pordeus

Vitor Pordeus

      • Vitor is an actor and trans-cultural psychiatrist. He is the Co-Founder and Research Director of the  People’s University for Art and Science since 2010 and Co-founder and co-actor at the Madness Hotel and Spa, Nise da Silveira Mental Health Insitute, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
      • He is the Founder and coordinator of the Centre for Culture, Science and Health – Public Health Office of Rio de Janeiro City since 2009.

Vitor using documentary film making to showcase this innovative work in psychiatry.  See Clients and Friends.  Contact:

Dr. Tiago Tatton Ramos is a founding member of the Iniciativa Mindfulness a group that supports a growing mindfulness academic and clinical community in Brazil.

He is the leading trainer for the Neurocognitive Foundations of Mindfulness Training (International Teacher Training) in Brazil and a long-standing collaborator of Tamara’s.