The Reflective Mindful Practitioner: From Action to Embodiment 

The Reflective Mindful Practitioner: From Action to Embodiment 

Enhancing the embodiment of mindfulness in personal and professional practice


“I think that the diversity of participants was the best part. You have a chance to hear and share thoughts and experiences. This gives something new to your own way of thinking and also teaching”  (MBARL participant, 2015).

Are you…..

  • Currently teaching mindfulness (of any sort)?
  •  Interested in developing the embodiment of mindfulness?
  •  Struggling to find a supervisor/mentor?
  •  Willing to share and reflect on the interface between personal/professional practice?
  •  Interested in what the neuroscience research has to say about key elements of mindfulness and mindful movement?

Join us for The Reflective Mindful Practitioner: From Action to Embodiment – a new model of mindfulness teacher development with the embodiment of mindfulness at it’s core.  Six weeks of sharing, reflecting and embodying mindfulness to deepen personal understanding of what it means to be mindful and to transmit this through your teaching.  Click here to watch a talk by Tamara on the methodology and approach for this course.

Contact for more information on the course starting Autumn 2017. The course will be six consecutive Wednesdays (6.30-8.30pm UK Time), commencing November 1st 2017 and ending with a Review session on Dec 6th.  Just in time to be really mindful before the Christmas mayhem!

The comments below are from participants in the 2015 MBARL pilot evaluation. This was part of a Master’s Thesis completed at King’s College London by Uliana Oleynikova. Here you can find the Abstract.

 “There is a need to discover like-minded professionals…… so that there can be an open and on-going dialogue in relation to experiences, what works, what doesn’t work, how we can do things differently.”

Most of participants mentioned that they felt an increased confidence as teachers especially during the inquiry process and some of the key factors that contributed to this change were higher levels of self-awareness and embodiment of mindfulness when working with clients.

 “This week I’ve held the intention to be more kind towards myself.  I feel it’s really powerful, setting an intention helps me remember to say nice things to myself and stop my tracks when I’m criticizing or judging myself.  It’s so beautiful to know that I’m allowed to give all the love and kindness to myself knowing that from there it will expand to everyone else”.

What is Action Reflection Learning?

Action reflective learning means learning while doing. It is a goal focused, time limited period where practitioners develop the ability for continued learning and problem-solving “on the job”. The approach used in MBARL draws on the work of Donald A. Schön (1982) The Reflective Practitioner:  How Professionals Think in Action. Basic Books. USA

1)      It recognizes that real-world situations are often messy, complex and dynamic and prepares mindfulness teachers to handle the unpredictable problems of actual practice (mindfulness teaching) with confidence, skill, care and compassion.

2)      It utilizes active coaching from an experienced teacher working with students facing the challenges of mindfulness teaching in real life. It harnesses growth opportunities, explores the learning that comes from making mistakes, and provides a peer reflective space.












Course dates. This on-line course runs for 6 Wednesdays in a row from 6.30-8.30PM UK time. This time slot allows you a gentle and mindful break in your working week and gives you the chance to really embed the principles you have explored in depth in the session in the real world and in your personal life.



“It was a great reminder to focus on these vital themes each week. Took me back to the basics with support and sharing on Sunday webinar sessions. I also found some deeper insight and connections in new layers, especially with themes “attention” and ” habits of mind””.