Let’s talk about paradigm shift in psychiatry…..


Let’s talk about real courage to explore and evolve.  The modern psychiatric paradigm has struggled to work mindfully with psychosis and associated experiences.  Although new models are emerging (particularly the Open Dialogue model), there is still often very little choice other than medication for those experiencing psychosis.

I am delighted to be chatting to Anthony Fidler on April 26th 2018 as part of the Let’s talk about .…. webinar series (videos of previous webinars here).

This is webinar four and we are tackling a big one here.  What does working with psychosis looking like if you include the body work, include a broader perspective of the phenomena, include mindfulness and meditation and really deep compassion and open-heartedness?

Anthony will reflect on his own journey and experiences and Tamara will make links with what we know about what works that is outside of the mainstream model.

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Find out more about Anthony at his site.

Here is Anthony being interviewed in a recent podcast.