Liz’s Gift – A celebration of courage and compassion. June 3rd, 10-12AM, King’s College London, Waterloo

It’s Time to Celebrate the Amazing Journey of the Weaving a New Story Project.

Mixing and blending textiles, neuroscience, compassion, creativity.

Giving 100% commitment to embody mindfulness and embrace mindlessness as best we can at all times.

Full catastrophe living indeed!

Join psychologist and textiles artist Liz Finegold and Dr Tamara Russell at a mini-workshop at King’s College London to celebrate the Weaving a New Story project. Saturday June 3rd, 10-12 (limited numbers, RSVP via email on the invite below please).

Professionals and anyone interested in the blend of mindfulness, textiles, women’s mental health and creative healing applied within a neurocognitive framework is invited to come and hear about the work.

The invite: Weaving a New Story Invite Professionals Saturday June 3rd AM.

Two blogs about the project are below. Thank you to Clinical Partners for sponsoring the Pamper Hampers for the mums and a crèche worker (both absolutely vital to the project!). Also a big thank you to the amazing Cocoon Family Support, the King’s students Abi and Faye and all the team at In-Spire.

Why we are weaving a new story…(for general public audience)

Weaving a New Story … (for professionals)


Tamara will have copies of her recently launched book #whatismindfulness.  This book contains the model that was used to underpin the work in this project.

Weaving a new story: A project investigating how mindful textile work can support mothers with postnatal depression is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Department of Neuroimaging and textile artist Liz Finegold, supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s.