Mapping the City’s Emotions – Thrive in the City Event November 27th 2017

Monday November 27th is a day to Thrive in the City.  There will be plenty of events all over the city to help city workers and residents to get more in touch with their emotions and explore ways to develop mental wealth.  Let’s explore creative ways to get in touch with our common humanity.  WHAT we are fearful, tearful or joyful about is totally unique. HOW we experience these emotions is actually remarkably similar (if we really start to take a look).




A packed program has been prepared by a dedicated team at Thrive in the City. They are working in conjunction with The Dragon Café to determine which activities people might like to engage with in order to explore these deeper aspects of self.  The Dragon Café is the most amazing space in London, where everyone’s experience is welcomed in a non judgmental way and people are not afraid to have the hard conversations.

Using the creative arts and working with the principles of mindfulness, this space provides respite and healing for a large community of patrons, volunteers, as well as health care staff and students from across London. Visitors even come from around the UK and as far away as Brazil. Central to this work is the willingness and courage to go to one’s vulnerable place, share that experience and speak out about the realities of this modern life.


Join Dr. Tamara Russell at City Hall in the afternoon to explore emotions in the body (between 2 and 4pm).  Watch out for some guerrilla tai chi as the sun goes down…..location City Hall and surrounding area ….

During the lunch hour (11am – 2pm) artist Gary Molloy will be at Shoe Lane Library, facilitating explorations of emotions in the body. Map to Shoe Lane Library.  There will be multi media interactive codes to:

Reflect on the impact of your commute – how can you engage with emotions in the body as you travel to work. Try this short reflective exercise and fill in a worksheet (email to to take part.


See what TfL recommends (in a poetic style)

Try a Transitional Pause and see how pressing RESET can help you to get through the day and have energy left over for the things that are really important to you.

A recent study with over 700 individuals from different cultures showed that there are universal bodily experiences of emotions. Our awareness of these sensations may be dull or amplified, but we can train to be more interested in this vast “data lake”.

See the original paper here.