Our Mission

We believe that an important aspect of excellence is to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in mindfulness through creativity and thought leadership. These activities are informed by what we know about how the brain works and the most powerful and creative teaching methodologies.

Our goal is to help more people discover the benefits of mindfulness and to be as much a part of daily life as brushing your teeth. We aim to achieve this through innovation, public engagement and working creatively with individuals and organisations to enhance their work.


Mission Statement

MCoE promotes mindful living, enabling and nurturing a growing community of secular mindful practitioners from all walks of life, inspiring people to live and work according to Mindful principles, for the sustained wellbeing of society as a whole.


How will we achieve our mission?

We aspire to be a hub for information and innovation in secular mindfulness in the UK, by developing our core services: Mindfulness consultancy and research,signposting to quality information, training and CPD, and Public Understanding of Mindfulness Activities (PUMA).


“Innovation will be at the heart of the next wave of applied mindfulness.”