Move for Mental Health

Activities For Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Anxiety is the worlds #1 mental health challenge (World Health Organization)

Our modern lives put so much pressure on us to perform all the time.

This can easily lead to high levels of stress and anxiety which can leave us feeling overwhelmed and burn-out.

We are all just looking for a way to feel a sense of wellbeing, to experience more joy, harmony and gratitude in our daily lives.

This year’s Mental Health Week is focusing on how movement can help us reach our wellbeing goals.

Enter the work of Dr Tamara Russell, world renowned neuroscientist, clinical psychologist and martial artist. 

She has created a unique mindfulness practice that uses the moving body as the primary vehicle.

Join us for a week of engaging talks on the neuroscience of anxiety and stress and how we can use our bodies to achieve a greater sense of ease and relaxation.

All the information can be found via this link: Move for Mental Health – Dr. Tamara Russell (

Times are UK (British Summer Time). Time converter can be found here.
All events are on the Zoom platform.

You are warmly welcome to join. Come as you are – just be with us in whatever way you can.

Move for Mental Health – Dr. Tamara Russell (