New Technologies for mindful awareness FOVOLAB Project

A very stimulating day with FovoLab and the amazing Tony Langford (Kinetica). Really pushing boundaries and exploring the edges of tech and thinking about how these applications can be used for health and well-being (rather than just porn and military applications!). Especially great work coming out of Ravansbourne, and some up and coming digital pioneers. I especially like the virtual reality near-death experience from Virtual Awakening. Very very interesting and fingers crossed some work together with these guys in the future. We discussed possible applications in palliative care to support people through the dying process – even a possible VR environment in line with the Bardo described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Also there was Karen Palmer, drawing on her experience of moving through fear in street running (Parkour), creating virtual environments to really test your metal. Including the very timely Riot which she is promoting in the USA (and elsewhere). fovo lab banner