Our Work

Our Core Services

We promote, deliver, develop and support innovative and quality secular Mindfulness through our core services:

PUMA: We educate the public and the media about the benefits of Mindful living through our Public Understanding of Mindful Activities

QUALITY TRAINING: We signpost quality, evidence-based secular Mindfulness training in a range of settings including; health and wellbeing services, social care, education, corporate sector, sports and the arts, for practitioners, professionals & laypersons

RESEARCH AND RESEARCH SUPERVISION: We inspire, conduct and support leading evidence based, multi-disciplinary research, engaging top scientists and academics in the field.

Our intention is to develop:

ONGOING TRAINING, CPD and SUPERVISION: To support, nurture and empower a growing online community of dedicated Mindful practitioners, inspiring them to continuously develop their practice, no matter where their starting point. Ongoing training and CPD of members and practitioners – no such thing exists (outside of academic institutes) in the UK.

RESOURCES AND INFORMATION: We aim inform our community by providing up to the minute resource and information on mindful related topics