Let’s Play

Let’s Play! We love movement and play because this is how (many) brain’s learn best!

Bringing mindfulness to the public in weird and wonderful ways is the intention of the Public Understanding of Mindfulness Activities (P.U.M.A.) strand of the work of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence.

We find fun ways to communicate serious messages about mind, brain, well-being and impact of mental habits and conditioning on our well-being.

Blending Art/Science/VR and embodied movement practices, we can curate an eye opening experience for your event, festival, school, organization. We love to play (and most of all in nature).

Below you can see some shots from a recent event where Tony and Tamara helped people understand more about the observer effect using a blended digital and analog format at a senior leadership conference.

Our engaging and playful style masks some deep thinking and cutting edge neuroscientific concepts. We need to think deeply and from a different perspective if we really want to shift humanity into more healthy ways of living on this planet.

Ask us how we do it…… (contact admin@drtamara.russell.com and ask about our Curated Experiences).

Forthcoming – a synopsis of our various activities over the last ten years and how we have discovered the best ways to blend scientific education with community activities suitable for all ages and abilities.