Try a Transitional Pause

Try the Transitional Pause

The Transitional Pause is a mini mindfulness retreat that is with you all the time.  It is one of the key applied mindfulness exercises.  Ideal for those who don’t have time or space to do a formal practice, and/or those who want to embody mindfulness throughout the day.

This practice has been taught to healthcare professionals worldwide (GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, nursing students, health visitors and many more).  It can be used before commencing meetings, seeing clients, or to create space around challenging situations.

Here is the Transitional Pause worksheet.

It’s a profound exercise that gets deeper and richer the more you practice it. When you start off, be patient with yourself and keep trying.  Stay curious, proceed with courage, and be clear why you are engaging in this activity.

You can use this practice for

  1. Geographical transitions (from one place to another, home to work for example)
  2. Cognitive transitions (as you go from one type of task to another, creative to planning for example)
  3. Emotional transitions (when you are going into a challenging conversation or situation)

First try with the audio. Support your learning by completing the worksheet. Eventually, you can do this with just three breaths.