Weaving a New Story Exhibition, Guy’s Hospital – Feb 2018


Weaving a New Story….Sharing Stories…Being Inspired


We hope you enjoy your experience with the Weaving a New Story Exhibition at Guy’s Hospital, Atrium 1.

We are here until the end of June 2018 and this public space means you can access the Exhibition at any time.

Click here to see the Show programme and find out more about each of the pieces you see before you.

Find out more about Liz Finegold.

Click here to watch some videos telling the SewMindful Story.

We have a wonderful video of a mum sharing her experience of the group in a creative way.

You can also be inspired by the vibrant colours and fabrics that provide fuel for this work. Just pausing to engage with the sumptuous visual delight can lift the soul.

Contact Dr. Tamara Russell (admin@mindbodymot.com) to find out more about the Sew Mindful Methodology.

Many thanks to Imogen Gray at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity for making this happen.

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