The Space Between The Rain Drops

It’s always a joy and a privilege to supervise mindfulness teachers. Unlike any other space, this type of supervision offers a profound and deep place to connect, share and create.

This image above was the result of a recent supervision with Clarissa Alminhana. Clarissa is one of the senior teachers on the Neurocognitive Foundations for Mindfulness Teachers and Body In Mind Training program in Brasil.

Clarissa brings a deep personal mindfulness practice to her own teaching and supervision of BMT students. She is part of the multidisciplinary team of teachers on this course and brings her own speciality to the work – deep ecology.

As part of her exploration of how she can make the BMT protocol “her own” she has been exploring how the core principles of BMT (Pause, Intention, Attention, Habits of Mind and Compassion) can be elaborated and explored through the lens of our connection to nature. In our session, she described a wonderful practice “The Space Between the Raindrops” and from our creative exploration of the topic, together, we devised this beautiful image. It was so wonderful, it had to be shared.

Clarissa’s own words about the process (thank you google translator):

“Let me share a little about the pause and nature, in case might appeal to you. Pause is not a button to press, it is a type of research, or testimony. Inside the Pause, I invite myself to feel my own RHYTHM, within the the life that I am. Just like the the rhythm of the rain outside, my experience varies. What I can understand about whether it’s a drizzle or storm is the perceived rhythm BETWEEN the falling drops of rain.

The speed, the intensity, the sound, the colour of the sky.

Like me, rain doesn’t have a “right way to rain”.

As I pause and watch the rain, noticing every drop that falls, I can learn to be interested in the space between my in-breath and out-breath, between my pain and my joy, between what I feel and how I react.


And, in this self-research, deeply connected to what nature offers, we can nurture an awareness that connects us to life, our personal and our collective healing work.

I am curious about how that resonates with you!

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Image translated for our Brazilian Mindfulness Friends.