We want to create a more mindful society for happier, healthier living.  To met this aim, it will be necessary to widen the scope of mindfulness in society – both its application and how it is disseminated. This is the ultimate goal for the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence MCoE, a UK Not-For-Profit organisation.


At MCoE we believe that Excellence is not a place to get to, rather its a way of engaging with what we are offering which has at its heart best practice, ethical conduct and a commitment to thoughtful innovation and calculated risks.


Our version of Excellence is one where practitioners and those developing the field of mindfulness can look honestly at their current abilities and make a commitment to continual development.


We dream of a future where Mindfulness is a daily way of life for everyone – where everyone lives according to mindful principles, nurturing and developing their daily practice in whatever way makes sense to them.  This is a future where we have the curiosity to examine what is really there, and the courage to act on what we find, a future where we all do less, yet achieve much more; a truly enlightened society, where we are genuinely compassionate towards ourselves and others.