Weaving a new story – mindfulness, textiles and post natal depression


Weaving a new story: a project investigating how mindful textile work can support mothers with post-natal depression is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Department of Neuroimaging and Liz Finegold, supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s.

We are working with Cocoon Family Support  (who are sponsoring rooms and the crèche) to offer a group of mum’s with post natal depression the chance to weave a new story about their experience. The team is lead by Tamara Russell who is working with artist Liz Finegold to develop a mindful sewing experience for these mum’s. They will have a chance to create something beautiful for their child (including a sensory book and/or quilt), learn sewing techniques, connect with other women and share their stories. They will also learn key mindfulness skills to help them manage their mental experience in healthier ways.


The mindfulness training is underpinned by a neurocognitive model of mindfulness. Working with this model, we can ensure that the activity is training the attention, default mode and salience networks through the sewing activity.


WP_20161107_13_12_31_ProAnyone interested in taking part, please make contact with Cocoon to find out more.

07946 165515 (Jessica)
We aim to run the project from Jan 2017-March 2017 with a show on Mothering Sunday at a gallery to showcase the work.  A key part of the intervention is to showcase the efforts of the participants and celebrate their work at the gallery.