Weaving a New Story …..#sewmindful #sewamazing!

Session 8 of the Weaving a New Story project and the quilt is taking shape. No pictures yet as the group are still working hard on their creations (but it looks amazing). We are combining both the “snazzy” Japanese squares as well as the “process” squares. The latter being more interesting as they are a physical representation of the journey these mum’s are undergoing. They are showing such bravery and courage as they try to engage with mental and physical habits and try something new, allow mistakes, and accept imperfections. Really inspiring.

Today’s session was a great exploration of Habits of mind. This is the fourth theme explored in the Body in Mind Training program.  A video of Tamara talking about the five themes that underpin mindfulness (and which are in her book Mindfulness in Motion) can be found here.

These really come to the fore when we are in the creative mode and this is why creativity is one of the best ways to get to know your mental monkeys. Particularly those monkeys that come out when we compare ourselves to others, judge ourselves negatively and get worried about what others might think of us.

Artist and psychologist Liz Finegold  (@LizFinegold) led a great session guiding the group to practice creating with a “sort of” template and then again with  no template. We were encouraged to face are fears of failure and just have a go.  One of the creations can be seen above.

Thanks to our partners Cocoon Family Support and King’s Cultural Institute.  This amazing project has just two more sessions to go and then we will be looking for places where @sewmindful can pop up and bring mindfulness and creativity to YOU!

Loving the work of Brene Brown in the topic of Creativity, Vulnerability and Whole-hearted living!