Dragons at This Can Happen 2019……#getintothegreen

Dr. Tamara Russell and Mary Louise Morris shared the What Colour is your Dragon? methodology at This Can Happen 2019 at the Queen Elizabeth Centre, Westminster, London.

A packed audience (at double capacity!) heard about the Red, Blue and Green dragons and reflected on their own working experience and how much time they spend in each of these three modes.

  1. Red – when we are agitated, stressed, fearful or feeling unsafe
  2. Blue – when we are focused, attentive, alert and engaged.
  3. Green – when we are relaxed, contented, feeling safe, creative and cared for.

The Dragon Methodology provides both permission and language to begin to engage with more emotional intelligence as we work.

It recognizes that our life, our emotions, our hopes and fears, are not just left at the door when we enter the workplace. Our top tip for working with this is the Transitional Pause.

It values the potential that lies in the “big sigh” that an organization takes when emotions are allowed in the space.

Tame and Train your Blue Dragon

Ask us about the Blue Dragon and neurodiversity in the workplace.

We all have our own unique ways to soar.

Contact admin@drtamararussell.com for more information about the Dragons Program and the Get into the Green workshops for organizations.

See the Dragons in action at 0:24 in the This Can Happen video or dive a bit deeper into the three colours with Tamara (video below).