What is the sound of @sewmindful?


Mindfulness of sounds is a great exercise. 

Listening to sounds as they arise and fade away is a way to stay in the present moment. You can’t pay attention to a sound that your heard five minutes ago, or a sound that you will hear in ten minutes time. It’s just not possible!

So, tune into sounds. Choose to make sounds the priority for your attentional system. Anything else that comes into your mind (including thinking about sounds, images of the objects making the sounds your are hearing, or any other stuff at all that is NOT SOUNDS), let it go and refocus on listening.

To learn more about the neurocognitive model underpinning this (and other mindfulness practices) practices and discover the importance of focused attention, mind-wandering, awareness and getting back to the sounds, see Tamara’s new book #whatismindfulness available on Amazon UK and USA.

Try this short exercise.

To learn more about sewing, textiles, mindfulness and the work of the Weaving a New Story team, check out these YouTube videos where Tamara Russell, artist Liz Finegold and Rosie Lowman from Cocoon Family Support talk about their work mindfulness, textiles and post natal depression.  A blog about the project can be found here.

For professionals interested in hearing more about the work, or if you want to come and try some of the @sewmindful exercises and see the amazing work of the women from the first pilot group, please click Weaving a New Story Invite Professionals Saturday June 3rd AM to find the invite and information.


Liz's gift to the world of an amazing approach to healing
The Gift


‘Weaving a new story: A project investigating how mindful textile work can support mothers with postnatal depression is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Department of Neuroimaging and textile artist Liz Finegold, supported by the Cultural Institute at King’s.’