#whatismindfulness with Psychologies and Now Live Events at Conway Hall



A very good question and a full audience at Conway Hall yesterday to discuss this very issue. Covering the definitions of mindfulness (there are many and everyone is arguing!), the benefits of mindfulness (clear thinking anyone?), what your brain needs to be doing to engage in any moment mindfully and some applied practices, including the Transitional Pause.

A great night last night with Suzy from Psychologies magazine. Sharing some tops tips from #whatismindfulness.

Check out the pre-event interview here and a short clip here.

Starting up a new whatismindfulness tribe on Facebook – come and see what’s going on and how to live mindfully with weekly tips and videos from Dr. Tamara Russell.



Here we are live with Dr Tamara Russell at Conway Hall in London for our Psychologies event on 'what is mindfulness?' Join her Facebook community WhatismindfulnessThank you NOW Live Events

Posted by Psychologies Magazine on Wednesday, 6 September 2017