Why we move (mindfully)

We are passionate about mindful movement here at the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence. Both Co-Directors, Tamara Russell and Tony Langford are movement practitioners (martial arts and 5 Rhythms respectively).

Several of our Brazilian Collaborative (Katya Stubing, Clarissa Alminhana, Sylvia Maria Affonso, Matheus Rhomero, Vitor Pordeus) also practice (and preach) the benefits of movement, dance, theater and play as part of our mindfulness training.

Ahmad Odeah

We KNOW directly from our own experience the transformative power of the deep embodied experience that comes from moving. We share that with other mindfulness teachers so we can increase the access of mindfulness. But there’s more … as Einstein said “nothing happens until something moves“. If we really want change in this world we have to move, take action, check our habits. This means we must work with our moving body.

Moving together, moving in nature, moving mindfully….this is our medicine.

Dr. Tamara Russell
Body In Mind Teacher Training Brazil Students Moving Mindfully Together

The Science of Mindful Movement

From the research, we understand that movement provides a self-created, on-going sensory stimulus that can serve as an anchor for the mind. This is particularly helpful if the body and mind is in high states of distress. MCoE collaborator Dr. Silvia Arcuri co-authored this theoretical paper that outlines the neurophysiology and neuropsychology of mindful movement. It’s actually much more than just paying attention to movement. You are working deep inside brain structures and networks that form the basis of our attention, emotional, cognitive and felt sense of “self“.

Frontiers Article Russell & Arcuri, 2015

Mindfulness in a Crisis

Looking forward to sharing a mindful movement session on Monday October 12th 2020 with long-time partners The Dragon Cafe. This incredible organization is a true innovator in how to serve the most vulnerable of our community. They are taking the plunge and shifting their work online. It’s quite a challenge but they have a deeply embedded ethos that tries it’s best to work in mindful ways (even in a crisis).

Below is a short video Tamara made for Nick Pole and the Reflective Mindful Practitioners Group at the start of lockdown. Tips and insights for working online in a crisis with those in a crisis. We know how to dance with the “reds”, but we must adapt and be flexible. A neuroscientific lens guides all our innovations.

Tamara will be providing some training for those delivering activities on-line to support both the technical and relational challenges of this delivery mode. Psychological safety is essential in all our zoom calls but especially so if you are working with those in distress. If you are interested in these workshops for your organization, please drop us a line via the contact page.


October 12th: 3pmJoin the Mindful Movement session with Dr Tamara Russell to learn about paying attention in a certain way to the intention to move, the segments of the movement, and the sensations that flow from the movement. For all levels. And you can take part by sitting in a chair. Zoom link here.

There is still time to sign up for The Embodiment Conference. Literally hundreds of activities to help you get into the body.

Dr. Tamara Russell will be part of a panel exploring “What is embodiment?” on October 16th. Info here. She is also offering a workshop on October 21st exploring “What does embodiment really mean?” and sharing her applied and embodied mindfulness Tools to Transform series.